Cornwall Camelid Association is run by a Committee of up to eight volunteers, a Chairman and seven general members who cover all aspects and responsibilities of the Association.  Our Chairman is Nigel Retallack of Carpalla Alpacas who gives us great leadership. 


We come from all walks of life and professions, all living in Cornwall (or within a breath of the border), a few of us are indigenous to Cornwall, all of us are owners and we share a love for our Camelids and the aim to promote Alpacas and Llamas in Cornwall. 


Officers are proposed, seconded and elected at the Annual General Meetings in January each year; there have been changes over the years and each person's contribution has been a building block to bring the Committee and Association to where it is today.  We meet officially four times a year but are in regular communication to roll out your Association.


Meetings, workshops, financial requirements, newsletters and up-to-date communications all take time and dedication to provide our members with a cohesive Association they can be a part of.  We have a welfare officer who can provide exemplary advice and support.


Our Annual Show requires a lot of organisation and planning which is well managed by two officers of our Committee to deliver.  As soon as the final tent peg is packed away from one Show, the planning for next years Show begins.


Chair:  Nigel Retallack, Carpalla Alpacas

Secretary:  Sandra Muriel, Alpacas of Cornwall, the Crewenna Herd

Treasurer:  Linda Thomas, Linberry Alpacas

Welfare Officer(Jt): Nigel Retallack, Sandra Muriel, Wendy Scott

Membership Secretary: Liz Brealy

Newsletter Officer:  Wendy Scott


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